Title: Exoneration: The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell — Prosecutorial deceptions, suborned perjuries, anti-Semitism, and precedent for today's unconstitutional trials

Author: Emily A. and David Alman 

Publication Date: June 2010

ISBN#: 978-09779058-3-6

Shipping Date: June 2010

LCCN: 2009932788


*         516 pages

*         $24.95 US

*         6” x 9” perfect bound

*         New analysis of this controversial case

*         First and only book to give an account of the formation

    and history of "the Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case"

*      Details specific examples of anti-Semitism in the U.S. Department of Justice in the 1950s

*         1085 endnotes – extremely detailed documentation

*         Index



Short Description: Authors Emily and David Alman provide a lively historical account of the 1951 "atom bomb trial" of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell. Supported by government documents, the authors show that the jurors were deceived by perjured testimony and other deceits into finding the defendants guilty of “treason” (defined by law as spying for an enemy of the United States). The actual crime, espionage on behalf of an active military ally, was committed by Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sobell, as Sobell admitted in September 2008. Ethel Rosenberg was not involved, at all. The authors argue that the precedents set by the misconduct of the United States Attorney General and the judge have been used over the past sixty years to exclude the Constitution from the courtroom in "loyalty" cases, thus depriving citizens of due process and fair trials. A return to Constitutional justice, the authors write, requires that the malignant precedents be repudiated by the United States Justice Department, and the Rosenbergs be exonerated of the crime of treason, for which they were illegally executed.


            Co-founders of the Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case in 1951-53, the Almans launched a worldwide clemency movement for a new trial or clemency for the Rosenbergs.


            Exoneration also confronts the subtle effects of anti-Semitic Justice officials, including FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, on spy-trials and on the security of the United States.





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